Happy HNT!!

This is how hubby shoulda known what was up - I have a tattoo of tribal eyes right above the crack of my azz so I can watch you while you fuck me!

Hellooooooo...isn't this the universal "I'm a freak" signal?!?!?!!?

***P.S. - this is a little teaser from the photo shoot
...remember the disclaimer------------>

(don't steal shit from me and there won't be no problems!!)


the eternal list said...

that is extraordinary, eyes in the back of your head i've heard about, but ass eyes, that's a 'hol nutha level

Soul Powers said...

Yummy! wish i could get eye to eye with THAT!

K. Michel said...

Haha, yeah ...that's pretty freaky Miss Black.

--Those tribal eyes might as well be bullseyes.

Dewey's System said...

I agree with Soul Powers, I would like to get eye to eye with that . . . but wait, what would my tongue do? hhmm? Oh, I can think of a few things.

Lilith Kessler said...

Hot stuff!

Black Pearl said...

Oh, Dewey, I like where you're going!!!