Poll Results: Masturbation! (TMI Tuesday Lead In)

The question posed on the last poll was:

How often do you masturbate?
  1. Daily: 8 (80%)
  2. Mulitple times a day: 0 (0%)
  3. 1-3 times a week: 2 (20%)
  4. 4 - 5 times a month: 0 (0%)
  5. Once a month: 0 (0%)
  6. Only on special occasions: 0 (0%)
  7. Never: 0 (0%)

I must say that I was relieved that no one put never or Only on special occasions! It's good to know that a great many of us self-pleasure. I fall into the 1-3 times a week, when I can't convince hubby to give me some (which by the way, it's been days! I don't know how it happened, but I said to him today "Um, what the fuck? What's up with the no dickly for the past like WEEK!" He looked like he saw a ghost. "I thought you were good from the past few sessions?" See, people what have we learned? He really thought he was safe...I digress). Back to masturbating.

  1. I'm curious as to why the rest of you do it. Is it like me, more out of sexual frustration? Or do you simply do it because you love to do it?
  2. Care to share your first mastabatory experience? Inquiring minds really want to know!
  3. Those of you married or with partners, do you share the experience together? As you know, my hubby refuses to masturbate, let alone even stroke himself for a few before we fuck for me!!
  4. Have you ever caught someone you didn't know playing with themself? What did you do?
  5. Where is the craziest place you've ever had to stick your hands down your pants and take care of things?
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Jack and Jill said...

Jack and I masturbate pretty often. It's almost always a part of our regular sex play, but since we spend a lot of our time apart (a temporary situation thanks to our careers), it's a fact of life. I would say that I play with myself on average twice a week. This doesn't reflect when I do it as part of sex with Jack, and there are some weeks when it's way more. Here are my answers to your questions.

1. I masturbate because I love to do it. Even if Jack and I were living together seven days a week I would probably still do it as much.

2. I don't know exactly when I first did it but I think I was a pre-teen, maybe 11 or 12. I think I was in bed. I remember that it felt really good, and as much as I enjoyed it I know I felt guilty afterward. It was not until I was a teenager (probably late teens) that I was able to really enjoy it, and gave myself my first orgasm.

3. We LOVE to masturbate together. It really enhances the sexual experience. I feel sorry that your hubby won't masturbate for you. Watching a guy enjoying himself is one of the hottest things there is.

4. I don't think I've ever caught anyone masturbating, but one time I was having sex with a guy, and his roommate came in the room and watched. Definitely NOT something I was expecting. After a few minutes he began to masturbate. Watching him come made me come as well. I wrote about this experience in our blog.

5. Craziest place? Wow, that's a hard one. Sometimes if I rub my thighs together I can have an orgasm, so if I'm in public and absolutely can't control myself that's what I do. But the craziest place that I actually used my hands was probably on an airplane. I was reading a book of erotic stories, the flight attendant was hot, and I had a blanket on my lap.


Bill said...

Not sure who would want to know about my first time, but....

Thinking back, I was always “horny” in that I was always touching myself (in private of course). I would always get erect and it felt GOOD fondling my erection, but I never realized there was actually “relief” until that summer day when I was 13 when I ejaculated on my parents’ bed while they were at work. I was reading some of their erotica that they kept in their night stand while lying on my stomach on the cool sheets instinctively humping the sheets. All of a sudden the most intense pleasure I had EVER experienced exploded within me rippling throughout my body as my young cock involuntarily throbbed squirting stream after stream of warm milky white fluid all over the bed sheet! I had NO idea what had just happened since I had no concept of male orgasm. I actually thought I had hurt myself! After I recovered from the shock of what had just happened, I quickly cleaned up the mess I had made. Although I felt guilty over what had just happened, I couldn’t resist doing it again and again and again. And I have been “hurting” myself ever since! :)

It's a shame your hubby won't stroke for you. My ex also refused to play with herself in front of me when when I begged her to. :( She said it felt so much better when I did it to her. But THAT wasn't the POINT! Fortunately my lady and I now are MUCH more open and do EVERYTHING for and to each other. It is a TURN-ON to see! And we sometimes masturbate together as we hold each other. It is just one more intimate act we share together in a HUGE array of joyous sexual activity that we share with each other.


inherservice said...

Very late here, but hopefully you'll get a smile out of it...

Frequency is daily, permitting and sometimes multiple times daily; the most is 5...

1. I can't imagine not..I've been doing it for over 40 years now and it's the pleasure, frustration, the daydreams...luscious derrières like yours...

2. First was at about 11 and just a self-exploration that had a very pleasant ending...anal exploration began at about the same time and made it even better...

3. My wife of 33 years not only doesn't believe in it but doesn't think anyone else should either. Like your hubby, she won't even touch herself "there"!

4. Yes, and a few times it turned into a delightful experience! (adult bookstores, pre-AIDS)

5. Pacific Coast Highway...broad daylight...just because I could!