My real-life fantasy

First, Soul Powers you cheated with 3 guesses, Vix you were close, and Confessor I'd have to get him really drunk to get that one!!! LOL. Alas, I can check #5 off the Sweet Ass Fantasy List!!!! The obvious question is how the hell did I pull that off? Well, as you saw from my last post, somebody (aka hubby) felt really guilty about my birthday let down. He came home on Friday, our 4 year wedding anniversary, and told me to stay in the bedroom for a few minutes. I was all annoyed b/c I was hungry and about to throw down and make a huge anniversary breakfast. I go back our room, where he sends our daughter in with 2 cards for me. One, a late birthday card with a huge apology and acknowledgement of the fucking up in it, and the other an anniversary card. Then a few minutes later he calls me back to the kitchen. On the table is a beautiful bouquet of royal blue roses. Melt. Then as we share our "Happy Anniversary" hug, he spins me towards the dining room where there is another bouquet of red & white roses. Melt. When he combined them they looked patriotic just a coincidence.
See? (Like how I camouflaged myself, right?) Anyhoo, we then went out for breakfast with the kids...fast forward to the evening. We went out for dinner at a restaurant I've been dying to try and afterwards we had a surprise party to go to. Over dinner I decided to throw some more sexual q & a his way. Asked him about his cheating history in previous relationships, when he told me yes with prostitutes, I found my opening. Hubby was in fact a bit of sex fiend evidently and liked the rush of cheating "then". I firmly believe he wouldn't now, shit when would he have the fucking time LOL. So I asked if he'd ever done "freaky" things with these prostitutes like being dominated or letting them dominate him. He said no to all of these, "it was straight fucking, why? you would like this?" Without hesitation - YES PLEASE! We talked briefly on how I'd like it done, then out of left field he asks me, "Do you know who you'd call if you were going to cheat on me?" I looked him dead in his eyes and said, "Now honey, if I did, do you think I'd tell you? That was pretty bold of you!" His response, "I know you're getting close, and I know I've got to start being more open to what you want...thought I'd give it a shot". Wow!!! That's it folks...we have lift off!! My husband is fianlly seeing the light! Fast forward to after the party...on the entire way home all we talked about was more of what I want and that now that he's only working the one job with real sleep hopefully he can keep me happy. Double WOW!!
Now's the best part. You ready? We get home, the kids are asleep, the babysitter is so tired we let her stay the night upstairs in the office (the whole time I'm wondering if she can hear us). I tell him to pick out the pair of shoes he wants me to wear and of course he goes for the red stilettos. I strip down to my bra and black lace panties, and tell him to put them on.
After that I tell him he needs to find something to tie me up with, he goes for the black belt off my silk robe. First he ties it too loose behind my back, and I tell him to do it over. He insists he doesn't want to hurt me. My response, "Hurt me". This time he ties them perfectly. We put a porn on (though we didn't need it). In essence of time, he uses one of his wife beaters to blind fold me. I hear him getting naked. I hear the bedroom door being closed and locked. Then his hand is on my head and his dick is pressed against my lips. The precum is already there to greet me and I take him in hungrily. His moans get me wet. He bites me playfully, then hard, then really fucking hard all over my legs and thighs, my neck and ass. I'm grinning from ear to ear as I continue giving him head. This is fucking great!!!!! Then he pulls away, and jams his head between my legs and gives me the roughest fucking coochie lashing ever with his tongue. Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhhooooooooooooo!!! All of this while I'm face down, ass up. After what feels like an eternity, he stops and starts to fuck the ever loving shit out of me....Whhhooooppppeeeeee!!! My arms are killing me, I'm being suffocated by the pillow and wife beater, and I'm as happy as a pig in shit!!!!! He pulls out and throws us into this wild ass twisted version of a 69 - Oh sweet Jesus! We alternate between giving each other head and fucking for I don't know how long. I've cum several times now, and then he does the hand thing! I keep telling my husband that if he's not in the mood when I am all he has to do is this little trick of his, it blows my mind and soaks the sheets. He sticks his 2 middle fingers way deep into my puss and pulsates them against my honey spot - works like a fucking charm every single time. He started talking dirty, asking, no demanding to know if it was his pussy...of course I wanted to say, "for now", but I resisted and chanted, "yes, yes, yes". He promised to keep me cumming. Then pulled me up by my arms, held on to a stiletto and a breast, and slammed me until we both came HARD!!! After the shoes, makeshift blindfold, and belt came off, during pillow talk, I told him that he could have taken things further by pulling my hair, grabbing me by the throat, slapping me or ordering me around. He said he was worried about crossing the line and not knowing where to stop, and I said that we would create a safe word to let him know when it was time to back down a little. He got quiet after that, and so I asked him flat out, "Do I scare you?" He thought for a long moment, then said, "I wouldn't necessarily say you scare me, but you are intimidating as hell". That line was the Best Anniversary Present EVER!!!!!!!
Then as his reward, I secretly downloaded all of the boudoir pics to his Touch, and he was pleasantly surprised when he got to work last night.


Confessor X said...

Happy birthday to you indeed!!! Hot, very hot sweetie!

Library Vixen said...

nice...think he has made up for the late birthday behavior. flowers are good, but a coochie lashing, grrrr even better.
Happy birthday love.

Leo Pussy Power!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I am so glad you got a belated Bday acknowledgement from him, and the anniversary sounds HOT! Yay for the #5!

Soul Powers said...

Umm, fucking, WOW! LOL

That was awesome! Wish I was a fly on that wall.

Glad he redeemed himself. Maybe he'll surprise you with #10 one day. Then your cipher will be complete. :)

david said...

Very hot! Sounds like your sister probably would have heard you. Of course, they wouldnt tell you though ;)