Like Confessor X, starting this week my whole day time life as I knew it is about to change!! Hubby put in his walking papers at the day job! Which is great! More quality time, more time to do things as a family...just more!

The problem, all my sneaky, dirty, improptu cumputer time is now limited to night time when he's off to his night job! How will I function with only being able to sneak up here and tell naughty tales...wait...that will make them all the more special b/c now I'll have to be more inventive with my dirty time...the thrill of "Is that him coming up the stairs to catch me online?" will be intense from this point forward!!

I'm Queen Black Pearl and I reign Supreme - betta recognize my gangsta!!!

**By the way, it's 4:35pm and he and the kids are downstairs playing video games...let the trickery begin!!!


Soul Powers said...

Welcome to the world of the rest of us who have been too scared to say anything about our desires to our spouses. LOL. We look forward to those nasty late night posts from you.

Ironically, my schedule just got changed for a similar reason. Wtf is going on with August. Hahaha.

The world according to Gaz said...

Sounds like you will have to be inventive on why your on the puter now. Should make interesting reading with lots of shorthand lol

Confessor X said...

Thanks for the shout out gorgeous, hrmm...night time trickery huh??? Maybe I'll join you one of those nights...maybe work on #9?? ;)

Black Pearl said...