TMI Tuesday - Ten Questions Donated from Bill...

Bill loves to keep me on my blogger toes by asking me random questions every once in a while. Here's his latest onslaught of Q & A (my answers are in purple):

I have ten questions for you. Hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable to share your answers with us.

  1. What is the total number of men have you had sex with?
  2. I think 34, kinda lost count after college...forgot names and faces

  3. Do you shave, trim, or leave your pussy natural? (Had to ask since you have never shared any pics of it - yet.)
  4. Actually, hubby trims me up. I keep it neat. Hair is jet black, straight, with a few rogue silver strands here and there lol

  5. Do you ever go braless out in public?
  6. Ouch, not with my tatas! Too painful!

  7. How old were you when you gave up your virginity?
  8. No violins here, ok...A date rape when I was 15, but I don't really count that one. I lost my for real-for real virginity to my high school sweetheart a year later at 16.

  9. How old were you when you first orgasmed?
  10. Playing around and exploring with my fingers in the tub at 14

  11. What is your favorite fucking position?
  12. On top - guaranteed multiple orgasm position for me

  13. Have you ever been watched while having sex?
  14. Can't say for certain, but in college on a road trip had sex in a hotel room while another couple we were traveling with had simultaneous sex with us...it was almost a competition to see who's man could get us to cum first. (no one talks about this years lol)

  15. Is there anything you wouldn’t do sexually to please your man?
  16. Um, won't know until he asks me!!!

  17. Do you have any “boudoir photos” of your tits covered with hubby’s cum? (If not, I would suggest taking some for your PRIVATE collection. Your dark skin would provide a sexy contrast to his creamy white cum. I would also suggest making sure you take photos of your tits giving milk. Again, the contrast of the watery liquid against your dark skin would be striking, not to mention the eroticism that it is YOUR life sustaining liquid from YOUR body. I STILL can't believe your hubby isn't drinking you dry!)
  18. No hubby didn't take the pictures, and he isn't into cumming on me. Not a huge thrill for me, but I'd be ok with it if he did do it. And no pics of breastmilk either, that I, hm, feel like I can not, will not waste a drop for my son. As long as he tasted it, I'm fine, but I would not let him steal from baby if he was into that either.

  19. Tell us one more sexy thing about yourself that we don’t know.
    My tongue is so long I can lick my own nipple

Now, answer at your own risk ;-)


BlueEyes69 said...

Will work on these for next week. Good stuff!

Bill said...

My latest onslaught, huh? LOL

34 men. Interesting. Any white meat? :)

Your pussy sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see a photo of it!

"Too painful to go braless" because they are milk laden?

Seems MANY women prefer on top. They can work it JUST RIGHT for their own pleasure!

Hubby didn’t take the pictures? Did you take them yourself or did some other lucky person? :)

When my ex was nursing my sons, she made too much milk and I helped her out. I thought nursing mothers produce according to need.

NOW you have us curious to see your LONG tongue! LOL But I’m sure the size of your tits also makes it a bit easier for you to lick your nipple.

Thanks for answering my 10 questions!

undrcvrbd said...

34...hmmmm....have you forgotten all their names and faces...does anyone in particular stand out? What was the freakiest shit you've ever DONE sexually? And where's the freakiest/dangerous/strangest place you've HAD sex?