I'm totally feeling myself...

#6 was so unbelievably hot, I had to respond to myself really quick. Is that wrong? If it is, I don't gave a shit cuz I'm totally feeling myself and my skills. Now you're wondering: Real or Fantasy? Hm? Either way, writing about it made me hornier than a mother fucker!!!

I will tell you this though...taking boudoir photos was on my fantasy list and my wedding anniversary is next week, sooooooooo.....


Soul Powers said...

that has to be your imagination... (And a very good one.) What photographer would do that? Hahahaha... Except some dirty old man, and your are much to0 cute--from what we can see in your pic--to fall prey to one of those.

Black Pearl said...

Soul P - if you think my imagination is something, just think what reality must be like! I'm sure there are some photographers out there that would prey on filthy little housewives such as myself, but I appreciate the compliments ;-)

Bill said...

What an AMAZING anniversary gift it would be to give yourselves that SPECIAL boudoir photo session! That could be one of those gifts that "keeps on giving" - if you know what I mean. :)

I'm glad this WAS on your fantasy list. This is one wish that is not only something you two COULD do, it is something you SHOULD do! No, make that, MUST do!

OUR last session was a combination of videotaping and still digital photography. Oh, btw, thanks for leaving your comment at the end of my blog that described our video/fuck session! I always LOVE your comments.

If you have a video camera, I would suggest you videotape at least part of your boudoir session. I actually captured more HOT photos from our high def video than I took with the still camera - over 100! Plus it would also be a wonderful visual rememberance of this special anniversary!

Hmmmm. Would it be his gift to you or your gift to him?

It certainly isn't as easy videotaping yourselves as it would be having someone else videotape your sex session. But THAT might be a more advanced fantasy on your list. :)

I'm still looking forward to reading your fantasy lists - BOTH of them!