Response to Bill

Hey Bill, I loved your questions and thoughts on Nocturnal Chat #5 so much I had to respond to you directly (so everyone could see, of course ;->)

Yes, my number one fantasy is to have one dick in my ass and one in my pussy (with guy #1 laying under me in my pussy, me on my stomach facing him, and guy #2 in my ass standing). The feeling I can only imagine as supercalifrajalisticexbealidoious!

I find it commendible that you would want your woman to have her utmost desires, and wish my husband had a male friend that he could talk to that could explain such things to him.

I think that IF I were to ever get this fantasy with my husband, he would have a million rules about it. He's already told me it would have to be a stranger, and somehow I doubt he'd let me discuss it with him after all was felt and cummed. I think I would have such an undying burning love for my husband for putting his sexual hangups aside to let me have this fantasy. He thinks it will be opening Pandora's Box and that I'll want it more and more...unfortunately I couldn't argue with him over that point at all. Plus, I don't think he would want my complete honesty if I did thoroughly enjoy, he'll be wanting to hear that it was the worst experience ever and for me to beg to never do it again. Told him I couldn't promise that either. But at least he knows how much I want it, right?

As far as "a" list goes, I had to chuckle because our therapist had us do that...guess who finished their list months ago? ME ME ME!! We're supposed to try to do at least 3 things off the list per day, but alas I have no list for him. But since discussion of the list and our marathon sex talk, he's definitely more aware. I do think I will create a "Fantasy List" for him, and like you it may be pages and pages long!! LOL

P.S. You are so lucky to have found someone who is not only accepting of your sexuality but willing to enjoy it with unabashedly.

P.S.S. Thanks!!
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Confessor X said...

Great reply to Bill, and thanks for sharing the info about counceling with us. One thing I admire about you is your openess to talk with your husband about your needs and desires. At least he's willing to listen to your voice and the possibility of adding a stranger to the mix ;)

Shoot me an email sometime, I'd love to chat with you more...we have a lot in common and another friend never hurts ;)

Soul Powers said...

Great responses. Always good to have that insight on what motivates you.

It's crazy knowing that you have "list" of things you'd want to try while your spouse can't even conjure up "ONE." Opposites suck no matter how much you love them.

Bill said...

Black Pearl

You NEVER cease to AMAZE me! I am flattered you answered my questions in another blog!

I KNEW you’d want to get double-fucked, taking them up your ass and cunt, and from the way you described it, it is obvious you have been thinking about this for a LONG time! But after reading ALL of your posts, I’m pretty sure you’d want to suck both of those big cocks before they FUCKED you.

Your COMPLETE honesty and openness about your desires and feelings are incredible! I think it is precious how you describe the love that you’d feel for your husband if he would make your ultimate fantasy come true. And you truthfully admit that you can’t deny that you might want MORE.

My next question is WHEN are you going to share those fucking lists with us – both the list you created at your therapist’s suggestion AND your FANTASY list?!


Library Vixen said...

Hmmm? sounds interesting, while I have been with two men at once I have not yet had them both inside me simultaneously. Another to add to the list. Plus great Pandora plug! I <3 Pandora. Ya know they are based in Oak town? Bay Area.