Nocturnal Chat #7

Forgotten Password

Where the fuck have you been?!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, WHAT?
I'm sorry Queen Black Pearl!
You know you must feel my wrath now, don't you?
Yes, my queen, anything you wish.
Good, go get IT.
But...my Queen, you promised after last time to never...
Are you questioning me?!
No Queen, it's just...
Didn't you forsake me? Aren't you the one wearing the dog collar? Don't I reign supreme over that azz of yours?
Yes...yes...and (gulp) yes.
Then do as I say. NOW!!!
Yes, Queen.
When he returns, he is crawling on his hands and knees with IT dangling between his teeth. Fear and desire evident behind his partially closed eyelids. I take IT from him, stand up, and put IT on. The weight of IT already making me powerfully wet. I sit back down and spread my legs.
Suck IT and eat me.
He hesitates for the briefest of moments then proceeds to run his tongue down the length of IT and ending with his tongue inside my hot love tunnel. He's slow and methodic and I know he absolutely hates doing it, but what choice does he have. Either do it or I find someone who will. I lean my head back and enjoy his alternating licking and sucking of both me and IT.
Turn it on.
With a deft flip of his finger tiny vibrations radiate my clit. I grab onto the armrests and let my pussy juice rain down his lips, tongue and throat. I let the orgasm wash over me completely and give him a few moments to ready himself. He knows what's cumming next.
Turn around.
But...Queen. Pleeeeeeaasssssse. I will do anything else. I'll never make that mistake again. Please. No.
(whimper) Yes, my Queen.
I placed one palm on each of his round ass cheeks, spread them nice and wide, in my head I do a mental countdown of all the shit that brought us here, and when I reached number one I thrust IT deep into his no fly zone. No lube, no spit, just pure FIRE.
I am blind with power. This sex. My sex. Overwhelmed him. He bucked, he tried getting away, he clawed at the carpet below him. Somehow I became mightier. I possessed a new strength women only dream of. With the vibration still on and the straps digging into my pussy, clit, inner thighs, and ass, I am rewarded with wave after wave after luxurious wave of ecstacy. I kept going. Tears in my eyes as I ravaged his asshole with IT.
Uh Uh.
Wrong again.
Ok, for real baby... I can't...I can't remember...the...the...safe word.
Desire has taken over my usually rational mind because the leather straps are pleasantly rubbing me and my juices drip as I stroke him back and forth. Back and forth. Back. And. Forth. Oh. Mmm. Uh. No password. Then you know what you have to do to make IT stop.
(Whimper) With shaking fingers he reaches up and starts rubbing his dick. My pussy love is pouring down my lips, to my thighs, to his nuts, to his dick. His hands soon become moist with nothing but sweet liquid lava. The more he handles his package, the deeper I thrust. The deeper I thrust, the wetter I get. Now we're both moving to this insane rhythm I've created. My head is back, hair tickling my ass, nails digging into the soft flesh of his rear. MMmmm. Oh. God. Cum for me bitch. Do it now. Stroke your shit till every drop is on this carpet.
Yes. Queen. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!
Gasp. Sigh.
I slide IT out of this spent and quivering excuse of a man. You're free to do as you please now.
Be gone.

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Soul Powers said...

I see you were serious about that Strap-on Fantasy and Dick Envy! LOL. You seem to have exacted your revenge for not having one in this piece. Well written, ableit a bit brutal sounding in the ass-destruction. I guess nobody ever better forget a safe word around your ass! (pun intended)