As per Confessor's Birthday WishList, I am providing him with his number one wish:
  1. A picture of two sets of tits pressed together

(taken from my boudouir photo shoot)

Happy Birthday X!! May you have many more horny days and nights, blowjobs galore, and more sex than that lovely dick of yours can handle!!


Confessor X said...

My ooh my what a wonderful gift!!! Ty very much gorgeous!!

Black Pearl said...

You are most welcum!!!

Bill said...

Oh BABY! MAGNIFICENT photo! Nice fucking tits! Is that how you push them together to give hubby a tittie fuck? Bet he LOVES to suck those gorgeous nipples of yours! Has he sucked your milk yet?

And that cute, sexy, "fuck-face" smile! WOW That HAS to make him melt!

Did hubby take the photo?

Might be Confessor X's birthday gift from you, but it feels like MY birthday! :) The gift that keeps on giving?

You KNOW how much I LOVE photography. The composition of this photo - the way you cropped it to show JUST enough to tease AND to satisfy! WOW! You got your men stroking now! :)

Thank you for sharing!

Soul Powers said...

Mmm Mmm Mmmmph!
And that's all I'm gonna say about those beautiful babies!

hamachi15 said...

Wow - you are certainly living up to your promise.

Library Vixen said...

woo hoo beautiful.

undrcvrbd said...

Damn, I can't wait until my B-day...you gonna hook me up????